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We are engaged in the manufacture of API Intermediates for 30 years. We are supplying Intermediates to Multinational Companies in India. We strive to produce products with utmost quality. We stand for integrity, reliability & ethical values in business.

Company Profile:

We are a ISO 9001: 2015 Company.
We are located in Balanagar, Hyderabad We are specialized in Chlorination, High Vacuum Distillations, Cynation ,Bromination and other critical reactions. We have a well equipped lab with Qualified Chemists. We have a strong QC and QA team.

Our Products

Dioxolane Di Acetate[DODA]
2-[(Acetyloxy)Methoxy] Ethyl acetate
CAS No. 59278-00-1

Intermediate of Acyclovir

5,7-Dichloro 8-Hydroxy Quinoline Sulphate
CAS No. 58698-96-7

Intermediate of Halquinol

CAS No. 626-55-1

Our Team


Mr. R K Raju

Managing Partner (B.Sc Chemistry)

Has around 50 years of experience in running API & Intermediate Business. Has worked in IDPL Hyderabad in various departments. His core strength lies in development of process, stabilization and design of equipment for existing and new products.


Mr. R Srinivasa Raju

(C.E.O) , B. Tech (Chemical)

Has around 25 years of experience in running API Intermediate business. His core strength is manufacturing , stabilization of New process and process improvements. He has excellent skill in management and customer relations.

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Standard Products Mfg. Co.,
B-69, A P I E
Balanagar, Hyderabad – 500037
Telangana, India.

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